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Third and last, P3 refers to a compliance-oriented use of QMS and concerns documentation and standardization. The correlations are small, but the results are mixed as compared to the other two propositions. The statement viewing QMS as a tool for documentation, displays offering management papers correlations supporting parts of P3. That is, it positively correlates with little respect for quality management and a view of it as being costly. However, the statement on documentation does not correlate with quality management being seen as strategic.

Thus, the authors argued that management should consider an ISO 9001 certification as valuable. Management and Organization Review is the premier journal for ground-breaking insights about management and organizations in China and global comparative contexts. MOR is a far reaching multidisciplinary social science journal that seeks to publish papers that test theory, develop indigenous theories, explore interesting phenomena or research questions, replicates prior studies always in the context of transforming economies. The Stochastic Models and Simulation Department seeks to publish work that contributes to the modeling, analysis, or simulation of stochastic systems, broadly construed, through advances in methodology and/or application. These advances may stem from the development of new methods and models and/or creative applications of existing ones. The department seeks to attract papers that contribute to the science or practice of management through stochastic modeling. Research papers should seek to provide substantive academic contributions and practically relevant insights and algorithms.

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You can also sign-up for our free resources on product management and product marketing. It’s important to understand that the ideas and best practices we talk about in these white papers need to be adapted to your company’s situation. Whether you are selling to businesses or consumers, working with software, physical or service-based products, the characteristics of your market, the size of your company, and the maturity of its product management. We seek well-written papers that are grounded around important applications and have potential for impact on practice. The types of contributions we seek are broad, ranging from improving the understanding of the application domain at-hand, opening up new relevant problem areas, to devising novel algorithms or uncovering new insights. We look for a mix of approaches including modeling, theoretical, empirical, and computational. The department will also consider fast track publication of shorter papers with high-quality original high-impact research that is of broader interest.

Ideally, authors should aspire to validate their models, the insights, and the algorithms. We continue to encourage submission of papers in all areas of finance, especially those that have the potential to influence financial practice, or those that provide innovative conceptual frameworks. We are particularly interested in papers that examine substantial issues in important emerging areas. Financial technology, which represents potentially transformative innovations such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and artificial intelligence applications, constitutes one such area. We look for thoughtful papers that are creative, insightful, and policy relevant. When it comes to theoretical work, we are looking for papers that change our way of thinking on important topics.

Increasing the value of quality management systems

Over one million organisations have a quality management system certified to the ISO 9001 standard; however, the system requires a lot of resources and its value has been questioned. This critique also leads to a questioning of the strategic relevance of quality management. The purpose of this paper is to explore how different types of uses of QMS correlate with management perceptions of quality management in terms of respect, cost and strategic importance.

The purpose of a white paper is to promote a certain product, service, technology, or methodology, and to influence current and prospective customers’ or investors’ decisions. A white paper, also written as “whitepaper”, is an informational document usually issued by a company or not-for-profit organization to promote or highlight the features of a solution, product, or service that it offers or plans to offer. White papers are also used as a method of presenting government policies and legislation and gauging public reaction. Julius Mansa is a CFO consultant, finance and accounting professor, investor, and U.S. Department of State Fulbright research awardee in the field of financial technology. Outside of academia, Julius is a CFO consultant and financial business partner for companies that need strategic and senior-level advisory services that help grow their companies and become more profitable. We use the term product management in the broadest sense to cover the activities involved in building, managing, and marketing products.

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Papers of interest would include those that examine the dynamics of groups and teams, address formal and informal structures within firms, clarify implications from managerial policies, as well as study how organizations draw on and respond to their environments, such as through hiring processes. We are receptive to a broad range of methodological approaches and theoretical perspectives and particularly appreciate papers that connect or integrate those perspectives. Research papers could address operational questions from diverse perspectives, such as those of line workers, operations managers, C-suite executives, third-party providers, or policy makers.We encourage studies related to different organizational contexts, such as private, public, or nonprofit sectors. Research articles pertaining to industry-specific studies and those evaluating innovative business models are also encouraged. Papers should focus on significant challenges of healthcare management and derive motivation from real-world challenges facing existing healthcare systems/providers.

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In contrast with brochures, these white papers don’t have a clear sales pitch. Instead, they dig into relevant topics, such as cloud security, hybrid clouds, and the economic benefits of adopting cloud computing. While brochures and other materials might be flashy and include obvious sales pitches, a white paper is intended to provide persuasive and factual evidence that a particular offering is a superior method of approaching or solving offering management papers a problem or challenge. In general, white papers are at least 2,500 words in length and are written in a more academic style. offers you the highest quality writing, editing, and proofreading services. We will take the extra step to make sure your paper stands above the rest and make sure you have a finished product you can be proud of. Management papers are very important papers so don’t trust just any service out there.

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It also requires involvement from top management and every employee in continuous improvement efforts . For QMS, it has been shown that they have effects not only on effectivity, product and service quality but also on employees and employers, for example, related to health and safety at the workplace . Furthermore, Levine and Toffel show that after being certified, firms experienced a growth in both sales and employment considerably quicker compared to firms that were not certified.